About the Teachings

It’s not every day that the angel you’ve been communicating with for over a year suddenly announces he’s the soul who once lived as Jesus son of Joseph.

This is what happened to me in October 2001.

It’s difficult to describe the relationship I have with Jesus.  He is, well, he’s an angel.  He has no physical body that can be seen with the human eye.  I communicate with him solely through means of my human mind.  What does this feel like?  Strangely, it doesn’t feel strange.  It feels much like my communications with family and friends and co-workers.  All I can say is that I can hear him and he can hear me and the process is entirely voluntary.  I’ve seen no films and read no books that exactly capture the experience.  But our soul-to-soul connection is beautiful and mysterious and has changed my life forever.  I’m deeply grateful for Jesus’ ongoing friendship and guidance.

Jesus as the author sees him

I wasn’t sure in the beginning what this relationship was supposed to be about.  It didn’t fit any spiritual patterns I knew of.  Even more puzzling, Jesus never said the sorts of things I’d been reading about in books by well-known mystics and channellers.  He said new things, original things, things grounded in the most extraordinary common sense I’ve ever come across.  He began to teach me.  And I began to listen — really listen — with all my heart and all my mind.

You might imagine that Jesus has been teaching me hidden, esoteric wisdom, answers to ancient riddles and quests.  But it hasn’t been like that (okay . . . maybe there’s some of that in the last book).  For the most part, he’s been teaching me how to think.  How to analyse.  How to research.  How to pull together strands of information from fields as diverse as church history and neuroscience.  How to find insight rather than mere facts.

For over 10 years now, with Jesus’ ongoing guidance, I’ve been researching the subjects of spirituality, biblical history, theology, church history, philosophy, mysticism, neuroscience, and healing.  These may look like very different subjects, but underlying themes unite them in surprising ways.  Jesus has shown me these common themes.

Some of the teachings you’ll find here that are original to the joint writing team of Jesus and Jen are these:

•    new insights into Jesus’ life and ministry as physician, scholar, and mystic
•    new insights into Jesus’ Kingdom teachings, including analysis of certain verses from the Gospel of Thomas
•    an original theory about the Gospel of Mark and the real reason it was written by Jesus’ great-nephew
•    a new academic model for understanding early doctrines of the soul (including groundbreaking interpretations that can help the Church finally let go of Original Sin)
•    a novel model for understanding how the brain and the soul are wired together
•    discussions about the pivotal role of status addiction in creating human suffering (the theodicy question)
•    an original model for understanding how to bring healing and peace into the world (The Peace Sequence)
•    suggestions for spiritual practice that are founded in neuroscience rather than religious texts.  Suggestions that work!
•    unabashed devotion to living a life of faith that’s simple and sane and grounded in the belief that God is not One, and God is not Three, but, rather, Two.  God the Mother and God the Father.  Together in Divine Love.  Parents to us all.  Bringers of miracles, teachers of love, heroes to us all.

Most of the posts you see on this site were originally written on Blogspot.  Each of the four interconnected blogs – Concinnate Christianity, Jesus Redux, The Blonde Mystic, and Realspiritik – is meant to contain the material for a single book.  There’s some overlap, but not too much.  Hopefully you’ll find this site’s category labels useful for finding related materials.

On my blogs I’ve been able to track a few basis statistics.  This is how I know I have readers from many parts of the world.  I’d like to thank you for patiently visiting my blogs, and for listening quietly and in deep faith as I’ve tried to weave together many strands about love, intrigue, and the world as seen through the eyes of a 21st century mystic.  I couldn’t have done it without your ongoing support.

God bless you now and always.

Jen Thomas, B.A., M.A.C., M.T.S.
May 30, 2012


More About The Books:

Copyright held by Jennifer Thomas.  All rights reserved.

Book One — not available on-line

Book Two

Concinnate Christianity: An Insider’s View of Church Doctrine

A hard-hitting analysis of how the Church of the Third Millennium is intentionally harming people’s ability to be in full relationship with God.

Book Three

Jesus Redux: Conversations With the Soul Who Once Lived as Jesus

Everything old is new again.  Jesus talks from the Other Side about his life, his teachings, the true nature of the soul, and the path the Church must take if it wants to survive.

Book Four

The Blonde Mystic: Healing and Hope for the Brain-Soul Nexus

This inter-faith guide to building your intuition and better understanding how you can hear God’s voice in your everyday life will answer many of the most puzzling questions you’ve had about the purpose for your life.

Book Five

Realspiritik: Continuing Conversations with Jesus on Science and Faith

There is no ethical mysticism without ethical scientific investigation, and there can be no advances in healing our relationship with God until we’re honest with ourselves about the history of corruption that lies behind the famous books of mysticism we rely on to teach us about God.


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