Doctrines of the Soul

Victory, 5th C BCE, Olympia, Greece 2

“Victory,” 5th C BCE, Olympia, Greece

If you enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty details of academic research, then this is the page for you!  Chicago Style, footnotes, bibliography, the whole nine yards!  No wishy-washy, unproven speculation here, nosirree!  I hope to present more of this kind of research when I can find the time.  (On my to-do list is a project to uncover insights from the Book of Job that other academic scholars have overlooked.)

On this page I’ve posted the Research Paper I wrote in 2010 as a requirement for the graduate theological studies program I was enrolled in at the time.  (I’ve since graduated.) For privacy’s sake, I’ve omitted the names of certain individuals and institutions.  Apart from these minor changes, the paper appears as I wrote it.  This is original research, so please bear in mind that it’s protected by Canadian and international copyright law.

Comments on this paper are welcome.

Master of Theological Studies Research Paper, by Jennifer Thomas 2010, All Rights Reserved