Welcome to my blog!

This is a blog about liberal Protestant Christianity in Canada in the third millennium.

You’ve probably never heard of a branch of Christianity called “Concinnate Christianity.” It’s a term I used for a few years on a Progressive Christian message board, but, to the best of my knowledge, no one else uses this name.

The Spiral Path of wonder, science, and faith always looks like a well-balanced garden, with a little of this, a little of that, and ongoing steps of change and transformation that lead you back to the same place from time to time, though it’s never exactly the same the next time you visit. I often wander through this Toronto park, James Gardens, because its harmonious blend of many different stories from nature helps to restore me.

My Random House dictionary defines “concinnate” in this way: Trans. verb – “to arrange or blend together skilfully, as parts or elements; put together in a harmonious, precisely appropriate, or elegant manner.”

There’s also a noun (“concinnity”) and an adjective (“concinnous”), but I didn’t really like the sound of “Concinnous Christianity,” so in the time-honoured tradition of the English language, I’m using the verb as a new form of the adjective.

I can’t promise I’ll always be elegant in my posts, but I’m going to try hard to be clear, precise, and balanced. If I fall short of that goal, you can let me know.

Thanks for reading. Best to you all.