The Blonde Mystic - Healing and HopeThis post is the final essay in the Blonde Mystic series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Of the books I’ve written so far, I think this one has been the most challenging.  It’s not an easy matter to write an introductory text that approaches old topics in new ways.  I opted in the end to write essays that speak to both your heart and mind and don’t ask you to rely on blind faith.  Genuine faith, as opposed to blind religious faith, is only possible when you’re willing to open up your own inner senses and really learn how to learn.  So my goal in this book has been to point out some new ways of learning you may not have thought of before.

Everything in this book has been focussed on helping you expand your toolkit rather than shrink it.  So I’ve purposely written this material in a such a way that it can’t be used to sustain a “closed system” of Law.  You’ll find very few rules you have to follow.  But you’ll find many suggestions for how to challenge existing beliefs in thoughtful, reasonable, appropriate ways. This is a trick I learned from Jesus, who was always much more interested in “teaching people how to fish”  than giving them daily hand-outs.

Several years ago, Jesus introduced me to his model of the Peace Sequence, his crystallized version of the correct sequence we need to follow if we want to create Peace for ourselves, our communities, and the world as a whole.  Here is the Peace Sequence in a nutshell:

First, Education.
Second, Mentorship.
Third, Personal Responsibility.
Fourth, Peace.

In other words, we can’t create lasting peace until individuals are willing to take personal responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions.  Yet the honest truth is these individuals can’t grasp what it means to take personal responsibility until they’ve received mature, appropriate mentorship from family, teachers, coaches, ministers, Big Brothers & Sisters, volunteer advocates, health care professionals, researchers, and the like.  Furthermore, these individuals aren’t able at a biological level to “see, hear, and remember” the wisdom and guidance of their dedicated mentors unless they’ve first received mature, appropriate education.

So it all starts with education.  It all starts with teaching the brain how to think in courageous, holistic, balanced ways.  It all starts with teaching the brain how to “fill itself up” rather than “empty itself.”

The Spiral Path of building your intuition and finding wonder, awe, mystery, love, and faith along the way begins when you decide you’re willing to take the risk of knowing who you really are, of knowing who God the Mother and God the Father really are.  When you’re ready to make this choice, your guardian angels will step in to help you.  They’ll help you move forward on the Spiral Path.  They’ll help you rediscover who you are as a soul, who you are as a child of God.  But first, right here today, you need to understand that God and your angels can’t teach you faster than your biological brain can go.  They can’t give you courage, trust, gratitude, devotion, and forgiveness, because these emotions can’t be given in the way a basket of bread and fish can be given.  All your angels can do — all your angels want to do — is teach you how to reclaim these attributes within your own core self.

In other words, your angels are happy to mentor you so you can learn how to embrace your own sense of personal responsibility in the world.  But before they can successfully mentor you, you have to be willing to learn.  To retrain your brain.  To better understand how your brain works in conjunction with your own core self (i.e. your soul).  To let go of old ideas that aren’t working and be willing to change, grow, remember, and understand.

I said in the second essay of this book — “The Spiritual Kitchen” — that I wanted to talk to you about the beginning of the spiritual journey.  The beginning for everyone must be the first phase of the Peace Sequence: Education.  There’s no other way, at a biological and scientific and practical level, for you to build your intuition or your ongoing relationship with your angels and God.  This is the only “Secret” you really need to know.

As you gradually expand the number of tools you can access in your brain’s 4D/3D toolkit, mysteries of Divine Love will begin to come to you.  You won’t have to go out looking for them.  You’ll discover them on your own doorstep.  The Spiral Path will begin to look less and less like a place “out there” and more and more like the kitchen of your very own home.  The universe will speak to you in the smallest of shy voices, and at the same time it will boom out in songs that only the heart can understand.

Don’t worry.  You’ll know it when you hear it.

Good luck to you, and many blessings!

Love Jen


Addendum posted April 30, 2017: A recent blog post on Scientific American’s website by psychology professor Rachel Wu describes some of her observations on how learning really works. I hope you find her “six secrets” interesting!

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