So what happens when you combine the practices of humbleness, forgiveness, and balance with the idea of a loving God and a loving soul?

You get a really healthy brain and a powerful sense of intuition that works.

In the Spiritual Kitchen, this is the equivalent of sitting down at a four-course meal with appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert. You get to enjoy everything in the company of friends and family, and you absorb most of the nutrients you need in order to stay relatively healthy. Inside, you feel all filled up instead of lost, empty, barren, and abandoned.

The honest truth is that most other religious and spiritual teachings you’ve come across don’t teach you or anyone else how to recognize — let alone enjoy — a four-course meal. Most religious traditions have become rigidly focussed on teaching you how to make just the soup or just the dessert while ignoring the other courses. According to these teachers, you can eat a steady diet of only cream of potato soup or only cream puffs and still feel “full” inside. When you finally notice you never feel full (because you’ve never received all the nutrients you need) your minister/monk/priest will then blame you for not trying hard enough.

Peonies 2013 (c) JAT:

Peonies 2013 (c) JAT: For those who want to enhance their sense of God’s presence, I recommend gratitude and reflection on the beauty and fullness of nature. Reflection on the Eucharist (a man-made ritual) upsets your soul because the original intent of Paul’s Eucharist was so creepy.

I’d like to emphasize — really, really emphasize — that when I use the metaphor of the four-course meal to describe the sensation of feeling full, I’m talking about the spiritual practices themselves as the source of the nutrients you need. I’m not in any way suggesting a cannibalistic ritual of actually eating God to get your nutrients. (If you’re a Christian who believes in the Eucharist, you need to know that Paul instituted this ritual, not Jesus. You also need to know that Paul’s Eucharist was an occult ritual, a cult ritual based on the idea that God could be eaten and thereby controlled. Gross, eh? Yeah, bet they didn’t tell you that in Sunday School class.)

The feeling of being full inside doesn’t come to you because God has entered you and filled up your “empty vessel.” The feeling of being full inside comes from your own brain chemistry, from your own choice to use your whole brain, not just certain parts of your brain. The feeling of being full inside comes when you realize that some parts of your brain work better with the appetizer and some parts work better with the soup and some parts work better with the main course and some parts work better with the dessert. So in order to feed your whole brain, you need to get all the spiritual nutrients, not just some of the nutrients.

This is the way your human brain is designed. You can’t change this reality, despite what you’ve been told by countless spiritual gurus. Your sense of intuition — that is, your ability to reliably and consistently “hear” what your guardian angels are saying to you — depends on the extent to which you’re a Whole Brain Thinker.

At a scientific level, there’s no way for a human being to be highly intuitive if he or she is not a Whole Brain Thinker. There’s no special prayer or ritual or secret vitamin that will boost your intuitive processes while allowing you to keep your less-than-loving habits. God the Mother and God the Father have designed the brain and central nervous system in such a way that all the parts are dependent on each other (as you’d expect from a loving God). You can’t boost one part at the expense of another part. If you try, you’ll trigger biological responses that you won’t like very much — responses such as migraines, pain disorders, immune dysfunction, sleep disorders, eating disorders, addiction disorders.

The medical disorders I’ve listed are just that — medical disorders. Medical disorders are a fact of life for human beings. It’s so difficult for us to find the right balance — the “sweet spot” where the needs of the 4D soul and the needs of the 3D body are perfectly matched — that people’s bodies are always falling out of balance and expressing this imbalance through medical disorders. So of course we get sick. And of course we get autoimmune disorders. And of course we get neurological disorders. But this is no cause for blaming people for their illnesses, for accusing them (falsely, of course!) of being filled with cosmic sin or ancient karma or negative entities.

Medical disorders are not a divine punishment. They’re not a sign of “impurity” or a sign of separation from all that is divine and sacred and good and true. They’re not even a sign that you’re failing to try hard enough. Most often, medical disorders of the type mentioned above indicate there’s something you don’t understand about your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. There’s a lack of knowledge, perhaps, or a lack of insight. Perhaps there’s a lack of help available to you even though you have a partial understanding of what’s troubling you. Goodness knows there’s precious little information available to you at the moment to help you understand the complex interaction between brain chemistry and the soul’s needs.

Most people I’ve spoken with — intelligent, educated, sincere people — have zero idea about the functioning of their own brains. Most people spend far more time worrying about their toes — the health of their toes, the comfort of their toes, the look of their toes — than they ever spend on the most complex system of organs they have: the brain/central nervous system.

I once did a seminar in theology class about the spiritual brain. (This was a novel idea for my classmates.) To begin the seminar, I asked each person in the room to take 30 seconds to make a list of all the body organs they could think of (eg. heart, lungs, liver). I timed them. I then gave them 60 seconds to make a list of all the parts of the brain they could think of (eg. cerebellum, corpus callosum, hypothalamus). I gave them extra time for this exercise because brain names take longer to write. Didn’t matter, though. They couldn’t come up with much. Why not? Because we’re not teaching people how to think about their brains, and we’re especially not teaching people how to think about their brains as an assortment of pots and pans and nutrients and ingredients in our own Spiritual Kitchens. So people continue to feel frustrated and angry and empty inside.

So what do most people do? They get angry with God. And angry at their own guardian angels. They try to pray, but they pray for things God won’t give them, so they get angrier still. This upsets their souls, and the upset triggers chronic levels of stress hormones. The stress hormones damage their brains and immune systems, and make it harder still for people to use their own intuitive circuitry. So they get sick. And they get even angrier. So they pray harder. And nothing happens. And they don’t understand why. So they figure God isn’t listening and God doesn’t care. And then they get so angry they stop trying to listen for God’s small, still voice. And they figure they can go it alone. So they decide to stop believing in God. And they choose some form of atheism or agnosticism or non-theism. Except this really upsets the soul, because the one thing the soul knows for sure is that God the Mother and God the Father are always with us, always loving us, always worrying about us. So now the body’s DNA allows for the release of huge doses of stress hormones, and the body can’t cope, so it looks for biological ways to cope with the stress, and most often these days it stumbles upon the transitory wonders of status addiction as a way to self-medicate. And now you’re totally screwed as far as your intuition goes, because status addiction and intuition mix like oil and water.

Sound familiar?